Female Gymnast on Balance Beam


CO NAWGJ  offers opportunities for former athletes, coaches, and fans of the sport to learn and contribute to the Colorado gymnastics community.

Through mentorship and support, we foster the growth of highly qualified officials to help collaborate and support our athletes at the local, state, regional, and national levels.  

Step 1

A passion and love for the sport of gymnastics is key!


If you have a desire to learn, support, and give back then you have the foundation of making a great official.  



Step 2

Reach out to us! 

Please contact our State Judging Director (SJD) who will get you set up with our Judging Mentor program.  From there you will learn about the process for earning your judging credentials.   

Step 3

Study and pass your exam.

Join the required professional organizations.

Purchase uniform, complete practice judging sessions, and then submit availability for assignments! 


New Judge Inquiry

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