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Professional Responsibilities

CO NAWGJ members are required to uphold the rules and professional expectations set forth by the governing bodies for which they serve including USA Gymnastics, NCAA, FIG, etc. in addition to the constitution and canons set by NAWGJ. 

Governing Bodies 

Gymnastics events are sanctioned and governed by entities who establish rules and regulations for athletes, coaches, and judges. It is important to familiarize yourself with each organization's rules and policies as part of your professional duties. Each organization publishes rules and policies to their website. 

USA Gymnastics

The official National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics, established by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC). USA Gymnastics sanctioned events are governed by USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies which are updated annually.



The National Collegiate Athletic Association governs collegiate sports. NCAA Gymnastics publishes rules and modifications which are to be used at all NCAA competitions. 


Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique governs all international competitions including World Championships and Olympic Games.


NAWGJ proudly serves as an assigning and educational entity for these organizations, and others (AAU, USAIGC, YMCA, etc.), to produce accurate and skilled judges. However, it is the governing body who dictates rules, policies, and responsibilities of officials for a contracted competition.   

NAWGJ Canons & Code 

NAWGJ members are required to follow and uphold the canons and code of professional responsibility of NAWGJ. Violations of these will result in disciplinary action.  

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

USA Gymnastics requires annual CPE records to be submitted to the national office in order for a judge to remain in good standing as an official. NAWGJ provides educational opportunities in addition to or in partnership with USA Gymnastics state, regional, and national congresses and clinics. 

CPE must be submitted annually by May 31 to the CO NAWGJ CPE Coordinator. You are responsible for tracking and documenting your own CPE throughout the year. CPE tracking forms can be found on the USA Gymnastics website under the Women's Program section. 


CO NAWGJ offers mentorship to all judges, regardless of experience or years of service. If you are interested in "paying it forward" to help support the next generation of gymnastics officials, consider being a judging mentor! You can get more information from our CO NAWGJ Judging Mentor Coordinator, Dana Himmelman.

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