Judging Essentials

  • Code of Points (Print or Digital Version)

    • Junior Olympic Compulsory​

    • Junior Olympic Optional

    • Xcel

    • NCAA

  • Official Uniform

  • Notebook or iPad for recording routines

    • Scoresheets for digital or print

  • A copy of the current Rules & Policies

  • Printed mileage round trip

Always be prepared


  • Please update your availability in GYMJAS throughout the season.

  • Assignments are done for each season: Fall, Winter, Spring.  You must have the appropriate and current rating at the time of assignments to be awarded a meet.  

  • Assignments are divided equally among eligible judges.  


  • You are responsible for keeping track and record of your CPE for the year.  

  • CPE forms are due by May 31 of each year to the CPE Coordinator.  

  • CPE for the 2020-2021 Year will be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  ​